Diva Laser Vaginal Tightening

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About Diva Laser Vaginal Tightening

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Who could benefit from diVa?

After childbirth, women may notice that the vaginal canal and surrounding tissue has been stretched. Many women notice decreased sexual satisfaction and decreased ability to hold urine in. Similarly, menopause, hysterectomy, chemotherapy and breastfeeding can reduce estrogen levels, which may result in thinning, drying, or inflammation of the vaginal walls. For many women, this may decrease vaginal lubrication and lead to discomfort. The Diva will improve the quality of the vaginal tissue.

How can diVa help?

DiVa utilizes the revolutionary Hybrid Fractional Laser Technology developed for Halo, the world’s first and only Hybrid Fractional Laser, to provide independent levels of ablation and coagulation, as well as varying levels of density. This allows the provider to customize the treatment based on the patient’s desired results. The system allows providers to deliver the treatment with increased accuracy, consistency and decreased procedure time. This technology ensures treatments are uniform, predictable, fast and safe for every patient. Other products require lengthy treatments that may cause physical discomfort and embarrassment. The diVa combines efficacy, safety, and 10x shorter treatment time than other, less effective technologies currently available.

What can I expect during the diVa treatment?

When you come in, the doctor will see you and determine your goals for the procedure. diVa’s ergonomic design allows for comfortable, fast and easy treatments. Each procedure takes 3 to 5 minutes to treat the full length of a vaginal canal. The first laser deeply resurfaces the layers of the vaginal wall, replacing it with brand new, healthy tissue. The second laser heats the layers of the tissue where collagen exists. You may experience a slight pressure against the vaginal wall during the diVa treatment, and some patients may experience increased sensitivity near the vaginal opening. Topical anesthetic may be applied to increase your comfort but is not necessary. diVa laser therapy is fast with minimal discomfort. You may return to your daily routine with minimal to no discharge, spotting, or discomfort; however, you should avoid sexual intercourse for up to 48 hours.

How many times will I need to have the diVa procedure performed?

You and your clinician may choose between one and three procedures spaced every 4 to 6 weeks apart, followed by one treatment every 12 months.