VelaShape Cellulite Treatment

VelaShape™ is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment proven to smooth the appearance of cellulite.

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About VelaShape Cellulite Treatment

What is VelaShape?

VelaShape™ is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment proven to smooth the appearance of cellulite by using radio frequency and light energies. Along with gentle suction and a massaging action, VelaShape precisely targets and heats fatty tissues within a selected treatment area.

Treatments feel similar to a heated deep tissue massage with results that leave the surface of the skin significantly smoother. VelaShape is most effective on the belly, thighs, buttocks, hips, waist and love handles and offers a safe and comfortable way to contour and smooth the body in as few as four treatment sessions.

VelaShape is most commonly performed to achieve the following results:

  • Reshape and contour targeted areas of the body
  • Reduce and smooth stubborn cellulite

What to expect

  • Step 1Treatment
  • Step 2Recovery
  • Step 3Results

Step 1 Consultation

A thorough consultation is an important first step when deciding if VelaShape is the best option for you. One of our board certified surgeons will discuss your desired results, examine you and provide an honest, professional opinion on how best to achieve those results. We also make certain that you are a good candidate for VelaShape, taking into account your age, health, medical background and other factors that could affect the safety and effectiveness of your treatment. All of our consultations are conducted with the goal of making sure our patients feel comfortable, confident and informed about VelaShape.

Step 2 Treatment

On the day of your appointment, we suggest wearing comfortable clothing that allows excess to the treatment area. You will need to shave any hair on the treatment area prior to your visit.

VelaShape technology utilizes radio frequency in combination with light energies to precisely target fatty chambers beneath the skin. Gentle suction and a massaging action are used to create a smooth skin surface. Patients often report a feeling similar to a heated deep tissue massage.

Treatment sessions typically last 20 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. One session per week is recommended for a total of four to twelve weeks.

Step 3 Recovery

VelaShape is completely non-invasive with virtually no pain and no downtown. Your skin may appear red for several hours after treatment, and it is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours. We recommended that you drink at least eight ounces of water after your treatment. You can return to your normal activities immediately.

Step 4 Results

While results vary based on the individual, VelaShape is highly effective at smoothing away cellulite and leaving smoother, tighter treatment areas. Improvement can be seen following the first treatment, but the most optimal results become apparent six to eight weeks following the first treatment.

Once your initial round of treatments are complete, maintenance treatments are recommended every one to three months. Results are long lasting with a healthy diet and exercise. During your consultation, your doctor will thoroughly explain what results to expect.


Q: Is VelaShape right for me?

If you want to smooth away cellulite from around your belly, thighs, waist, hips or other problem areas, VelaShape may be the right option for you. VelaShape is effective on all skin types and complexions. The best VelaShape candidates are men and women within ten pounds of their recommended weight or body mass index who are in relatively good shape and exercise regularly or semi-regularly. VelaShape is not an effective treatment for obesity and is not a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise. VelaShape candidates must be in good health and have no pre-existing medical conditions that could create complications.

Q: What causes cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when fat cells in the deepest layer of the skin become over-inflated, causing the fat cells to protrude up through the tissue creating a dimpling or “cottage cheese” appearance. Eighty percent of women have cellulite regardless of their shape or size.

Q: Why choose Detroit Plastic Surgery for my VelaShape treatment?

When choosing a cosmetic doctor to perform VelaShape treatments, there are three important qualifications to consider: training, experience and personal attention.

Dr. Hajjar was one of the first doctors to offer VelaShape in the area, and he continues to be one of the most sought after doctors to perform the treatment. All of our Detroit Plastic Surgery doctors have years of experience performing VelaShape treatments and spend the necessary time with every patient to answer any questions and address any concerns about the VelaShape process. We make it a priority to ensure our patients are well-informed and completely comfortable with their decisions. We know that your time is valuable, which is why we maintain an efficient treatment calendar and use the latest techniques and technology to minimize your recovery time and maximize your results.

Q: Will my insurance cover VelaShape?

Insurance companies commonly do not cover an elective or cosmetic treatment like VelaShape unless it is performed to correct a medical or health condition. If you plan to use insurance as payment, we strongly suggest consulting with your provider to discuss if the treatment is covered in part or in full by your current plan.

Q: Will my VelaShape results look natural?

VelaShape is a non-invasive technique, thus eliminating the possibility of scarring or any other signs that a treatment was performed. Results are soft, natural and improve over time, so you don’t have the instant, dramatic change that you would have with a surgical procedure. While results vary based on the individual, we focus on creating the most natural results possible. During your consultation, your doctor will thoroughly explain what results to expect.

Q: How long will results last?

The longevity of results varies and is dependent on the amount of excess fat, the laxity of the skin and skin type. Typically, you can expect VelaShape results to last as long as you maintain your weight and a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise.

Q: What are the risks of VelaShape?

VelaShape is FDA approved and proven to be a safe and effective treatment for all skin types with minimal risks. VelaShape does not affect or damage surrounding skin or tissue near a treatment area. Your skin may appear red for several hours after treatment, and it is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours. We are happy to explain in detail any of the risks and possible side effects prior to your treatment. We carefully review your complete medical history and all medications you are on to prevent any complications.

Q: Can I have additional procedures in combination with VelaShape to enhance results?

Yes, your Detroit Plastic Surgery doctor can recommend additional services to enhance your desired results such as liposuction or CoolSculpting. Detroit Plastic Surgery also offers the option of combining your VelaShape treatment with a laser skin resurfacing treatment, which promotes collagen growth under the skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

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I was highly recommended Detroit Plastic Surgery by a very good friend of mine to boost my confidence after having my baby. I made an appointment with Chris + form the moment I stepped inside the office, I felt extremely comfortable. She was SO friendly, knowledgeable, and honest while working with me on what I said bothered me. Chris was conservative in her approach with my face, and I can not be happier or recommend her enough! I am SO happy with the results, and will certainly be maintaining and visiting again very soon.

Nicole B.

I couldn't be more happier with the entire process. Dr. Hajjar and his staff were extremely competent, professional, and caring throughout the procedure, and the follow up. His skills at suturing are top-notch, and after a couple of weeks I couldn't even see the incision. So thankful that my family doctor referred me to him.

Lisa M.

I absolutely love Dr. Lumley!! He is an excellent plastic surgeon and his staff is awesome. I cannot say enough good things about him and the awesome revision job he did on my breast reconstruction surgery. I have recommended him to all of my fellow breast cancer cancer survivors as well as friends, family and coworkers that are looking to have elective surgery. You will not be disappointed.

Monique C.

Dr. Hajjar is highly respected, intelligent and undeniably talented. He worked around an existing condition that could have been a disaster for someone less qualified. He appears to be all business, but does have a good sense of humor and a kind heart. I am thrilled with his office, the procedure and the results 100 percent. Equally as impressive, one of his Fellows, Scott Kreitzberg is probably one of the kindest people I have ever met. He followed up in hospital after surgery and at the first office visit. He is compassionate, listens and truly makes one feel comfortable. I am so thankful for the recommendation of Dr. Raymond Hajjar.

Lynn S.

Saw Dr. Hajjar for a breast reduction as I was having health issues due to the size of my breasts. I am now 15 days post op and I look amazing. The scars are healing amazing and they’ve been there for all the questions and concerns I have. I’m already feeling relief in my back and other parts of my body. Best decision I’ve ever made. Highly recommend!

Julia K.