Sclerortherapy Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment safely, quickly and effectively removes unsightly red, blue and purple veins.

About Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

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What is Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment?

Sclerortherapy vein treatment safely, quickly and effectively removes unsightly red, blue and purple veins โ€”ย from the smallest spider vein to the most rope-like varicose vein. Sclerotherapy works by injecting a medical-grade solution directly into the vein causing it to swell, harden and close up. Once a vein closes up, the body naturally makes the vein disappear.

Sclerotherapy vein treatments are most commonly performed to achieve the following results:

  • Remove spider veins
  • Remove varicose veins
  • Improve the overall appearance of the legs, arms or anywhere visible veins are a problem on the body

What to expect

  • Step 1Consultation
  • Step 2Preparation
  • Step 3Treatment
  • Step 4Recovery
  • Step 5Results

Step 1 Consultation

A thorough consultation is an important first step when deciding if sclerotherapy vein treatment is the right option for you. We thoroughly discuss your desired results and provide an honest, professional opinion on how best to achieve those results. We also make certain that you are a good candidate for treatment, taking into account your skin type, age, health, medical background and other factors that could affect the safety and effectiveness of your treatment. All of our consultations are conducted with the goal of making sure our patients feel comfortable, confident and informed about sclerotherapy vein treatment.

Step 2 Preparation

One to two weeks prior to your treatment, do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen or blood thinners. Two weeks prior to treatment, avoid sun exposure. Do not drink any alcohol or shave your legs the day of your treatment. If we are treating your legs, please bring a pair of shorts to wear.

Step 3 Treatment

Before your treatment, we will answer any questions that may have come up since your consultation. Every effort is made to make certain that all of your concerns are addressed and you are as comfortable as possible.

During treatment, a special sclerosing solution is injected into the veins with a micro-needle. Generally, such a tiny needle causes very little pain. The sclerosing solution causes the vein to blanch (turn white in color), close up and then gradually disappear. Treatments generally take between half an hour and an hour.

Step 4 Recovery

Your after-treatment care instructions may include wearing heavy-duty stockings or elastic bandage wraps to help keep pressure on the veins, which reduces bruising and keeps the treated veins closed. Bruising around the treated area typically disappears after the first week. We strongly encourage you to take it easy for the rest of the day following your treatment and refrain from vigorous activity for at least 24 hours, although walking is encouraged. Avoid sun exposure for two weeks.

Step 5 Results

Results do vary, but patients typically enjoy a significant disappearance of unwanted veins. In most cases, 50 to 70% of the treated veins are removed permanently. Additional treatments may be required six to eight weeks following the first treatment. During your consultation, we will thoroughly explain what results to expect. We also can customize a skin care product regimen that will help to enhance and sustain your results.

Q: Is sclerortherapy vein treatment right for me?

If you want to permanently remove spider and varicose veins with virtually no pain or discomfort, sclerortherapy vein treatment may be the right option for you. Candidates for the treatment should be generally healthy with no serious medical conditions that could create complications.

Q: What causes varicose and spider veins?

Spider and varicose veins can begin to develop in women as young as in their twenties, although for most they come later in life. Spider and varicose veins are also common in men, although they can be harder to see because of hairy legs.

A number of conditions promote the development of spider and varicose veins, especially in the legs. Pregnancy, hormonal shifts, weight gain and prolonged sitting or standing all put stress on the legs, which can result in the development of unsightly veins. Genetics can also play a major factor.

Q: Why choose Detroit Plastic Surgery for my sclerortherapy vein treatment?

When choosing a cosmetic professional for your sclerortherapy vein treatment, there are three important qualifications to consider: training, experience and personal attention. Dr. Hajjar is Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Above all, your cosmetic professional should be someone you trust to deliver exceptional results and perform a safe and effective treatment.

At Detroit Plastic Surgery, our cosmetic technicians are sclerortherapy specialists with years of experience performing these treatments. We spend the necessary time with every patient to answer any questions and address any concerns. We make it a priority to ensure our patients are well-informed and completely comfortable with their decisions. We know that your time is valuable, which is why we maintain an efficient treatment calendar and use the latest techniques and technology to maximize your results.

Q: Will my insurance cover sclerortherapy vein treatment?

Insurance companies commonly do not cover an elective or cosmetic treatment like sclerortherapy ย unless it is performed to correct a medical or health condition. If you plan to use insurance as payment, we strongly suggest consulting with your provider to discuss if the treatment is covered in part or in full by your current plan.

Q: Will my sclerortherapy vein treatment results look natural?

Sclerortherapy vein treatment is minimally-invasive, providing results without the need for any surgical procedures, thus eliminating the possibility of scarring or other signs that a treatment was performed. During your consultation, we will thoroughly explain what results to expect.

Q: How long will results last?

The longevity of results varies and is dependent on the amount of excess fat, the laxity of the skin and skin type. Typically, you can expect sclerortherapy vein treatment results to be long lasting and even permanent provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Can I have additional treatments in combination with my sclerortherapy vein treatment to enhance results?

Yes, your Detroit Plastic Surgery doctor can recommend additional services that may enhance your desired results including Varillight vascular laser treatment and other skin care treatments.